Upcoming CEU Workshops for Massage and Manual Therapists

Kinetherapy is pleased to announce that Jocelyn will be presenting her Passive MyoRhythmic Release workshop in Halifax, Nova Scotia on November 19-20, 2016:

Passive MyoRhythmic Release

CCMH, Halifax, NS
November 19-20, 2016

See the Upcoming CEU Workshops page for details

What can Kinetherapy do for you?

If you are ready for a happy, healthy and pain free life with no limits, Jocelyn offers you a powerful pyramid of:

  • Highly Effective Therapy Sessions with Long lasting Results
  • Personalized Restorative Exercise and Self-Care Training
  • Workshops in Posture Perfection, Body Awareness 101, Stretch Your Horizons and more
  • SavvyBodyWorks

This ground breaking therapeutic movement practice is a must for everyone who is looking for the missing link a happy and healthy body. This unbelievably simple, yet extremely powerful and full-spectrum self-care system guarantees long-lasting resolution of pain and movement restrictions and a return to healthy function.

It is also highly recommended for home use by clients of conscientious therapists who understand the importance of regular and consistent homecare and self care programs.

What is Kinetherapy?

(Kine = motion. Therapy = treatment to cure/heal)

Kinetherapy is essentially treatment through motion and/or movement.

For more than forty years I have been fortunate enough to practice two wonderful and inspiring careers as a dancer and a massage/manual therapist, as well as teacher of both.

My training in anatomy, physiology and kinesiology revolutionized my understanding of dance movements – which in turn gave me unique and very powerful tools to more successfully teach dance. This knowledge also inspired me to develop the fields of Postural Alignment, Body Balance and therapeutically correct Exercise techniques for dance.

A life devoted to a wide range of dance inspired me to explore new and different ways to incorporate the art of movement to my assessment skills and therapeutic techniques. Therapy and movement became an inseparable and powerful duo – dramatically enhancing the effectiveness of my massage and manual therapy treatments, as well as enabling me to develop my Personalized Restorative Exercise and Self-Care Training Programmes.

Kinetherapy is Simply Powerful ; Kinetherapy is Powerfully Simple and I am very happy to be able to share it with you.