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NEW!! SOS for the Office

Are sick and tired of struggling with Constant Lower Back Pain; Achey, Burning Shoulders; Nasty, Stiff, Painful Neck; Chronic Headaches; Painful Tendonitis and Carpal Tunnel?  Would  you like to say goodbye to any or even ALL of these without DRUGS, without INVASIVE and PAINFUL SURGERY, without COMPLICATED, STRENUOUS ENERGY INTENSIVE EXERCISES, without EXPENSIVE EQUIPMENT?  

SOS for the Office is here to help you break the cycle of stress, strain and pain while at the office and/or glued to your computer!!! Jocelyn’s ground breaking  practical, quick and very simple approach to therapeutic movement training will get and  keep your body Healthy and Happy while at work in only a few short minutes, a few times per day. She will also teach you some great tips to start your day off right and to treat yourself to a brief but total break at the end of your workday!!

Posture Power

As a result of working habits, daily movement patterns and sleeping positions, our bodies can begin to move away from their ideal and natural alignment i.e. posture. Any deviation from our natural neutral position will immediately create unnecessary muscle tension as our bodies try to regain balance. This can, in turn, create unnecessary stress and strain in our joints, overwork our muscles and tighten our fascia, causing movement restrictions, discomfort and fatigue. With only a few simple but effective, individually designed exercises, Jocelyn will assist you in restoring your body’s optimal posture, energy and ease.

Fusion Fitness Fun

Are you looking for a really great and fun new way to get and stay is shape? Have you often thought about trying out some different and popular dance styles like salsa, belly dance, African, Samba, hip hop and Spanish flamenco? Would you like to try this and at the same time reap the rewards of therapeutically beneficial movement, increased mobility, muscle toning and realistic stretches? If you answered yes to any or all of the above Fusion Fitness Fun is for You.

Body Awareness 101

The first step towards optimal health and fitness is to work with qualified health care professionals and fitness instructors. The second step is to practice your program regularly and correctly. Body Awareness 101 is designed help you develop your own proprioceptive skills and to give you the tools you need to ensure that you work with correct body placement and positions, safe stretching and resistance training to ensure maximum results.

Stretch Your Horizons

Jocelyn combines the latest innovations in exercise research with anatomy, kinesiology and neurology to bring you a welcome alternative to the “No Pain No Gain” myth. This approach will give you a creative, safe and solid system of stretching techniques, principals and protocols that will give you excellent results every time, with no pain, no tissue damage and no joint strain or compression.

Alive, Well and Moving Strong   

Jocelyn Shares her Secrets to Strong but Supple and Healthy not “Hard” muscles. This welcome alternative to the “No Pain No Gain” myth will teach you how to use your own body and gravity to do most of these strengthening exercises, as well as simple stretch bands for resistance in specific areas.

Body Balance

The final step in this integrative series of workshops for a Happy Body is not an abstract concept, but rather a simple guide to balance of both muscle length and muscle strength between: a) both sides of the body b) opposite muscles (known as agonists and antagonists) c) diagonal muscle groups and fascial sheets. You will learn when, how to and why to stretch or strengthen your muscle to create and maintain you body’s “Happy” Balance.