I like the set-up and Jocelyn’s teaching methods. She teaches with knowledge and experience, but from her heart. This information has allowed my practise to go to the next level. I wish that I had learned some of these things years ago, and so have been able to help more people more effectively.  — Tatyana Lurie, RMT, Calgary AB


Having taken these workshops I found that my massage therapy practise has changed radically. These courses trained me in easy, reliable assessment skills that make sense. The techniques are less invasive and far more effective. Also, my clients have begun to see definite improvement and resolution to their problems.  — Tracey Gawley, RMT, Calgary


Jocelyn’s courses in Myofascial Release and Muscle Energy Technique have been absolutely invaluable to me as a therapist. It enables the therapist to align the pelvis and spine, allowing for lasting structural change. Adding these techniques to one’s practise is analogous to using a saw, drill and screws to build something instead of trying to do it all with a hammer. Myofascial release is probably the most important and overlooked technique that every therapist should be trained in, as it accesses the underlying causes of chronic problems. — Adam Climie, RMT


Muscle Energy Technique has been very easy to incorporate into my practise and has filled in the missing piece. Jocelyn is a very innovative, competent and fun instructor.  — Deb Russel, RMT, instructor; Mount Royal College Massage Therapy Training Institute


Paradoxical Myorhythmic Release is an excellent, creative body saving technique. Jocelyn has a great teaching style, is easy to understand and personable. God bless. — Anonymous Conference Participant